Maakhir Community

Our Issues     

Since 2008, the Maakhir Development Group has assisted in the improvement of thousands of lives in Sanaag region of Maakhir through strengthening the rural communities in Somalia. The global Somali communities reside in all major areas of the world.
Decades of research and experience have shown that when the home nation thrives the families and those displaced through war and political disruption thrive also.  All to often the policies of global reform are not designed with meeting the needs of the entity of the nation. Economics are the drivers of many decisions being made without self-sustaining policies and procedures being involved.  The Maakhir Development Group is looking to expand its presence in the United States and globally to include the region self-determination decision-making processes.  In the US and globally to ensure that they are taking into account the needs of native citizens themselves about their priorities.

Education and Learning 

Children and adults have been lately placed in schools internationally than ever before.  This focus on access to education has been a goal for the Maakhir Development Group leadership throughout the world. Maakhir means All Together. It is this cooperation that allows us to maintain our presence with the limited resources we acquire. However these goals are a set of global standard that an international community has agreed to facilitate to help improve the lives of the world’s undereducated and isolated citizens. It is the work of thousands of global volunteers each year with a variety of skills to participate in our project. But while access to education is a great first step, there is a serious learning crisis that has come from putting increased numbers of students in environments without improving the quality of schools and of education itself as well as basic safety and life needs such as clean water, sanitation, clinics, and environment protection. We are working to make sure that when the goals are reframed to say that everyone should be learning in a safe and self-sustaining environment this focus includes the entire global education community.

Maakhir Community

Maakhir is located in the Sanag region of Northern Somalia. The total area of this region is estimated to about 33000 square kilometers. The region is divided into

Three distinct topographical zones: The coastal plain known as Guban, the mountain chain and a southward descending plateau, known as Ogo. Elevations range from around 100 feet above sea level in the coast to over 6,000 feet in certain areas in the mountains. The plateau areas range from 1,000 to 1,500 feet above sea level.

The region is endowed with natural resources such as minerals, marine life, and agricultural unequaled by any other region in northern Somalia. However, the necessary progress has not been made in terms of human and infrastructure development. Its lack of development is the result of the historical neglect by the successive colonial and Somali governments. It has been only in the last several years the community focused its efforts in the development of the region.

Major Cities in Maakhir are Ceergaabo, Badhan, Las Khorey, Yubbe, Dhahar, Hadaaftimo, Hingalol, Carmale, Buran, Eelayo and Ceelbuh. The population of Maakhir is estimated to be about 100,000.